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Far East offer all customers home delivery. Home delivery prices and minimum purchases are listed below.
Distance Price Min. purchase
0 - 2 km 60 kroner 140 kroner
2 - 3 km 70 kroner 140 kroner
3 - 4 km 80 kroner 140 kroner
4 - 5 km 100 kroner 300 kroner
5 - 6 km 150 kroner 450 kroner
>6 km Covenantal*
We offer home delivery Catering delivery is agreed on a case by case basis.

The driver accepts both cash and card. We accept BankAxept, and most debet cards. We do not accept credit cards.

Home delivery is offered between the hours of 15 and 22, but in order to offer the best service to our customers we ask you to please place your order in good time, and before 21.30 at the very latest. We also kindly ask customers with large orders to please place them well in time before delivery.

*Far East reserves the right not to deliver to some locations. This could be due to rush traffic or that the destination is too far away. Delivery can sometimes take longer in periods with heavy traffic or peak hours in our store. We ask for your understanding as these are things out of our control.

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